50 Ways to Save on Your Monthly Expenses

saving money
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So you’re counting down to the next pay day just a few days after your salary was deposited into your bank account?   

You may have made this complaint yourself: prices are going up but our salaries are the same. Feeling sorry for ourselves may is easy, but is unproductive. It only allows us to make excuses instead of taking the steps needed to overcome our financial challenges.  

If you need some ideas for saving money, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some ways to cut down on expenses and uncover extra cash that we can save for a rainy day.


1. Create a monthly budget.
2. Think “what can I afford” rather than “how can I get it cheaper”.
3. Let go of spending for status. No one is judging you except yourself.
4. Stop comparing your belongings and lifestyle to that of your friends and rivals.
5. Hide your credit cards.

Utility Bills

6. Cancel unused TV channels.
7. Avoid using your dryer. Hang your clothes out to dry.
8. Switch on the lights and fan only when you absolutely need to.
9. Use energy saving bulbs.
10. Use gas, not electric cookers.
11. Use the timer on your air-conditioning.
12. Close the fridge door quickly.
13. Invest in solar panels to power your house.
14. Explore if prepaid phone credit is more cost effective for you than post-paid, or vice versa.


shopping bags
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15. Never shop when hungry.
16. Opt for supermarket brand foods.
17. Try supermarket brand cleaning products and toiletries.
18. Explore other supermarket brand options.
19. Write down your shopping list and stick to it.
20. Don’t buy things just because they’re on offer.
21. Bring your own shopping bags.
22. Shop for clothes only when there is a sale.
23. Remember there’s always another sale coming.
24. Buy second-hand.
25. Delete your online shopping accounts.
26. Borrow instead of buying.

Eating Out

27. Avoid eating out.
28. Learn to cook so you can avoid eating out.
29. Opt for food courts – they offer better value for money.
30. Explore apps that help you save on dining out.
31. Dine out only on special occasions.
32. Take a packed lunch to work.
33. Ask for plain water instead of bottled water and other drinks.


reading book
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34. Do potluck parties instead.
35. Cancel your TV subscription.
36. Opt for cheaper internet options.
37. Have a board games night.
38. Read more.
39. Buy second hand books.
40. Volunteer on the weekends.
41. Exercise instead.
42. Explore apps that give entertainment discounts.
43. Find free entertainment.

Extreme Measures

44. Downsize your home.
45. Sell your car and use public transport.
46. Go vegetarian.
47. Grow your own food.
48. Shorten your showers.
49. Have a no-spend week every month.
50. Flush less.

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