Father’s Day Special: Priceless Gifts My Father Gave Me

Father’s Day is just around the corner. This year, the day to honor our fathers, grandfathers and father-figures comes with a slight sense of melancholy as many people are far away from home; battling the ongoing pandemic. 

As we continue to soldier on through the MCO, we wanted to put together a list of priceless gifts our fathers have given us, that we could possibly give back this Father’s Day. To find the right sentiment, we spoke to our friends and family and dug a little deeper to go beyond material gifts; to find gems that are truly priceless. 

The ability to be self-sufficient. Priya, 31

While growing up, Priya’s father ensured she could do everything he could do. From changing light bulbs and fixing pipe leaks to filing taxes and managing personal finances. “He encouraged my dreams, my passions and allowed me to be myself while ensuring I had the skills, knowledge and ability to be self-sufficient.” 

Gold savings. Ben, 16

As a teenager, Ben didn’t know much about investments, only cash savings that he could use immediately. During the pandemic, the interest in alternative investments flooded the internet and he expressed his interest to his father. “My father told me that when I was born, he bought some gold to keep as an investment for my future. Did you know its value has increased tremendously since 16 years ago? I feel secure knowing that if I want to pursue something in a few years, I have the finances to do it. Additionally, because of this, I have learnt so much about gold savings!” 

An insurance plan. Aliya, 31

While juggling her commitments between supporting her family, completing her studies and working part-time at 19, Aliya didn’t think about an insurance plan. “I cared more about buying a car than I did about a medical investment.” she said. “However, my father [and mother] ensured I had an insurance plan since I was a child and the investments linked to it ensured my coverage later in life. At 24, I realised what a truly priceless gift this was when I was hospitalised for an emergency and raked up a big, fat bill.” After this experience, Aliya didn’t just take prioritise her insurance policy, she continued to expand her coverage and adapted her policies according to her needs and lifestyle as she got older. 

Confidence. Sofea, 30

For many Malaysians, English isn’t their first language. Sofea told us that her father always encouraged her and her siblings to learn English and bought tons of new books every day for them to read aloud. Her first book was “The Tortoise & The Hare” and even at the age of 10, she still struggled. “I had a public speaking assignment and was a nervous wreck. My father continued to encourage my skills and helped me craft the entire assignment. From someone who had no courage to speak in English, I got the highest marks in class!” Sofea shared. 

The best gifts are often the ones we don’t buy. Whether it’s a long-term investment, an unforgettable experience or sage advice; if it lasts in your thoughts, they become priceless. We hope you’re inspired to have a meaningful Father’s Day with your loved ones this year. If you’re stuck for gift ideas,  you know what dad would say, “when in doubt, ask mom!” 

Names were changed for the privacy of our friends and family.