New Year, New Me? Resolutions for 2022

It’s that time of the year again where conversations revolve around resolutions, starting anew or in anxious anticipation of yet another wave of Covid-19. If there’s anything we’ve learnt from the rollercoaster year that is 2021, it’s what our priorities really are or at least, what they should be: self, health, and family. 

Based on this, here’s a list of resolutions that may inspire you to build a great 2022. 

  1. Prioritize self-care
  2. Stress less about unexpected financial situations 
  3. Improve relationships and build new ones 
  4. Do something new that scares you 

Prioritize self-care, for real this time 

This seems to be a theme across the internet and a resolution for many; yet not everyone seems to prioritize self-care. With so much to do and worry about, it’s easy to fall off track and say “tomorrow lah”. What’s most important to know about self-care is that it’s crucial to implement and it looks different for everyone. 

Find 3 different activities that make you feel good physically, mentally and emotionally, then do them every single day. Some examples of each category are: 

Physical: Workout, sleep early, drink enough fluids or eat a really good meal 

Mental: Meditate, listen to a podcast, watch a comedy, spend time in nature or complete a to-do list

Emotional: Call a friend, set boundaries, journal, practice gratitude or hug your pet 

Improve relationships and build new ones 

One of the biggest lessons of lockdown was how precious time with our loved ones is. We never know how much time we have left and if there’s something to do differently in 2022, it’s to spend more time with each other. 

Make time for your parents, siblings, best friends and anyone who mean something to you. Spending time together can look like weekly family dinners, Sunday brunch, watching a movie or visiting each other for that weekend tea-time conversation. 

If you’re looking to build new relationships, this is the year to put yourself out there and do it. Whether it’s going out to meet new people, making plans with that one person you keep saying “let’s catch up sometime” or reconnecting with an old friend. If it’s something you’ve been thinking about, we say – go for it.

Stress less about unexpected financial situations 

Did you find yourself stressing about bills, income and maybe even regrets on certain expenses this year? In 2022, stress less. To do this, figure out where your largest worries were and what you can do to avoid it. Here are a few examples of how to plan your defences.

If you were hit with unexpected medical bills (read: Covid-19), invest in a medical plan you can pay for monthly and let it take care of any sudden medical bills. Having monthly instalments you can plan for is always better than having hefty bills pop-up. 

If you experienced a loss of income, this is the year to diversify it. Find a side hustle, pick up a new skill you can monetize or dedicate your time to mastering an investment tool. Creating multiple streams of income will ensure you won’t struggle when the unexpected happens. 

If you spent too much money, budget better. This means listing out how much you spend vs how much you can afford to spend then see where you can cut corners. If detailed budgeting feels tedious, look at your expenses and see how you can make smart changes to save money. 

Personally, I benefited from 3 smart moves: 

  1. Deactivating monthly subscriptions and plans that didn’t benefit me 
  2. Activating the free ‘Drive Less Save More‘ add-on from my car insurance plan to get rebates for driving less
  3. Switching payment methods to e-Wallet to get cashback, points & shopping benefits 

Do something new that scares you

This one is a personal favorite. We tend to get wrapped up in our daily lives and so focused on the many roles and responsibilities we have, that we forget to have fun and just live life. It doesn’t have to be something big and scary, just something new and even better if it’s been intimidating to you. 

Some ideas for 2022: learn a new language, finish an online course, pick up a new sport, go skydiving, watch a horror movie with your best friends, attend a hobby workshop alone or start that business! 

Whatever your heart desires, 2022 is the year to do at least one of it. If you’re an adrenaline junkie looking for adventure, don’t forget to secure your safety and get the right insurance plan to support you! 

While it may be a bit cliche, we’re big believers of using the new year to snap out of bad habits and build new ones. You know what they say, “new year, new me!”  So, what’s your resolution for 2022? 

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