7 Rewarding Benefits of Hiking Alone 

Should I go on a solo hike? If you’ve ever asked yourself that question before or wondered about the benefits of hiking alone, know that hiking alone can be an incredibly powerful and life-changing experience for some. 

Taking the challenge and getting out of your comfort zone will be rewarding if you’re willing to give it a chance. 

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Why Do People Solo Hike?

Going on a solo hike can be a thrilling and unique experience that helps you connect with nature, challenge yourself and gain a sense of personal accomplishment. 

While hiking with a group or partner can be enjoyable, hiking alone provides a deeper level of solitude and introspection, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the natural surroundings and discover a new sense of independence and self-reliance.

Is It Safe To Hike Alone?

Hiking is considered an extreme sport. With careful preparation and attention to safety, solo hiking can be a safe and enjoyable way to explore the wilderness and discover new levels of physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

One of the ways to prepare yourself for any mishaps is to get yourself covered. The Weekend Warrior plan is designed to support your adventures.  This plan protects your finances in case of a permanent disability, accidental injury and more. 

7 Rewarding Benefits of Hiking Alone 

Ready to take on the advantages of solo hiking?

1. You Increase Your Confidence

benefits of hiking alone

Solo hiking has become a popular extreme sport  because it makes you feel good about yourself. Sure, it might be a bit worrying at first but once you hit your first trail and see what you can do on your own, it’s a healthy boost of serotonin! 

You become more independent as you mentally and physically challenge yourself to rely on your own resources; such as preparing, navigating, and making decisions for yourself.

While on your hike, you may encounter challenges and obstacles that require problem-solving and creative thinking, which can also build your resilience and adaptability.

2. You Get To Decide On The Trail

benefits of hiking alone

When solo hiking, you get to choose your adventure. You can choose when you want to hike and what route you’d like to explore, allowing your experience to be 100% to your preference.

When hiking with a group or friend, you may not get to curate your entire experience to your liking. While it’s still fun and exciting, this can be a bit of a letdown for hiking enthusiasts; especially if you wanted to pick a trail for a specific view or scenery that you’ve been anticipating seeing.  

3. You Can Hike At Your Own Pace

Besides choosing your hiking trail, solo hiking offers you the flexibility and freedom to go at your own pace.

If you’ve ever felt insecure about your hiking pace, you don’t have to worry about it when you’re doing it alone. You are your biggest competition! There’s no one to keep up with and you can enjoy the experience while listening to your body.

So, whether you have low fitness levels or just like to take your time hiking to enjoy the view; there’s no pressure when hiking alone.

4. You Explore Your Authentic Self

benefits of hiking alone

Despite humans being social creatures, spending some alone time is an excellent way to connect with ourselves, especially when surrounded by nature.. Being around people 24/7 not only drains your energy but also makes us more forgetful of who we truly are.

Solo hiking is a great self-discovery activity as the experience helps you learn more about yourself. 

You might discover that you enjoy solo hiking or realise that you are not ready to solo hike and prefer going with a group or buddy – and that’s okay! 

It’s about permitting yourself to try new things and being okay with the outcome, even if it means failing or disliking it!

5. You Fully Immerse Yourself in Nature

benefits of hiking alone

One of the most rewarding benefits when you solo hike is that you get to completely lose yourself in nature. 

Without the distractions of conversation or the need to keep up with a hiking buddy, you can take your time to pause and pay attention to the sights, sounds and smells of Mother Nature for a rich hiking experience. 

Whether it’s witnessing a stunning sunrise, spotting wildlife in their natural habitat, or just marvelling at a majestic mountain, solo hiking can offer moments of pure joy and appreciation towards mother nature. 

We especially love noticing the little things while on a hike; dewdrops on leaves and the sound of leaves crunching as we go along our way. 

6. You Have Exciting Stories To Tell

While hiking with a group or a friend is interesting, going on a solo hike is definitely something to shout about.

Your experience hiking alone makes for a good story to share with others or as an ice-breaker when meeting someone new. 

7. You Might Discover A Brilliant Idea

Ever heard the best ideas are born in the shower? 

The same goes for hiking alone. You might experience a breakthrough moment in the wilderness because you allow your mind to wander. Some might even say it’s therapeutic! 

Exploring nature in solitude can help you think clearly and at times, spark creativity. Don’t be afraid to bring along a journal to stop by somewhere safe and jot down your thoughts; solo hiking is excellent for self-reflection!

In a nutshell, solo hiking offers a wealth of benefits that can positively impact your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Whether you are seeking greater self-awareness, independence, physical fitness, or a deeper connection with nature, solo hiking is the sport to try at least once in a lifetime! 

Will you be going on a solo hike adventure? We hope so!

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