#KitaJagaKita: 9 Ways To Start Volunteering In Malaysia

Can you believe we’ve been in lockdown and battling the pandemic for 1.5 years? It’s been an unforgiving time as many people in Malaysia are grieving from loss, financial instability and perpetual anxieties. However, if there’s one thing Malaysians do well, it’s coming together to support each other in times of need. The #kitajagakita movement has been a nationwide initiative that has helped countless people continue to fight, survive and feel supported through this difficult time.If you’ve been thinking of contributing to the movement and the community but don’t know how to start volunteering in Malaysia, here are some leads.

Volunteer at a Vaccination Center (PPV)

Visit the official website here and register to be a non-health related volunteer. In this role, you will need to be physically present at a designated vaccine center and help with several tasks to ensure a systematic flow. Some of the tasks available include checking temperatures, assisting with the registration process, ushering people to the right places and ensuring all Covid-19 SOPs are adhered to. 

source: Sinar Harian

Be a Hospital Volunteer

Hospital Kuala Lumpur is looking for volunteers to help ease the admission processes in the hospital. Some of the duties include helping patients to the ward, assisting with food schedules and feeding, changing oxygen supplies and more. Training and protective gear will be provided for everyone in this position. For more details, click here. 

Donate Financially 

If you have the financial means, look for causes you’d like to support and donate where you can. The Kita Jaga Kita website here has a list of programs you can donate too; from oxygen support and medical aid to basic necessities for B40 families and shelter homes. Additionally, look for various NGOs online with causes you’d like to support.

Donate Blood

Did you know 1 pint of blood can save 3 lives? The National Blood Bank has a shortage of blood as blood drives are limited and people need to stay home. If you’re fit and healthy, look for the nearest blood bank or hospital, make an appointment and pop by to donate blood. 

Volunteer with a Soup Kitchen 

Pertiwi Soup Kitchen based in Kuala Lumpur feeds some 500 – 700 homeless people several times a week. While they accept cash and food donations, they often need volunteers to assist in the process. Tasks can include packing food, loading and unloading cars and distributing food in groups. Visit the website here to download the volunteer guide and register your interest. 

Help Raise Funds 

Whether it’s by selling second hand items, using your artistic talents or just getting in touch with your network, you can help raise funds for one of the many causes available. With so many people, hospitals and organizations needing funds, this would be a great way to help. For example, did you know Zoo Negara is currently looking for donors to support the feeding of the animals? As the zoo is closed, funds cannot be raised without ticket & gift shop sales. 

Check on Friends & Family 

Volunteering in Malaysia isn’t limited to organizations and causes. Spend 15 minutes a day getting in touch with friends and family to see what assistance they may need. Those struggling financially may need groceries, the elderly might need help with delivery apps and some would just appreciate the emotional support during this difficult time. 

Volunteer with Animals 

Bulu-Bulu Initiative is a local startup that looks out for stray animals, especially during this MCO period. There are 3 ways to help: donate to an animal shelter, donate pet food or volunteer to feed the strays in your area. You can volunteer as a regular member or a team leader. Some of the tasks include feeding strays in your area and sending visual reports to the team. If you’ve got a heart for furry paws, register your interest here.

Collect Food for Local Food Banks

Using the Bendera Putih or KitaJagaKita website, find your nearest food bank and contact them to see how you can help. As resources deplete quickly, food banks will appreciate help to keep their initiative going. Some of the ways you could offer assistance would include collecting food to restock their bank, working with grocery stores or brands to arrange for bulk purchase and delivery, assist with the distribution of food packs (if any) or create social awareness of the food bank. The latter would be especially useful to help connect people in need with the available resources. 

Volunteering in Malaysia doesn’t have to start with big steps or large resources. Do what you can, within your own means and don’t forget, take care of yourself first!

source: IMARET Malaysia

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